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Defender Solar Light

What does the Solar Light do and how does it work?

The Defender Solar Lights are equipped with an emergency button that when pressed an alarm and flashing lights are activated. The goal of this light is to ward off any potential threat to those who may be in danger and raise awareness of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Children.

Once the button is pushed, the alarm system is activated and sets off a flashing red light and an emergency siren. The duration of the alarm system can be set for as little as 5 seconds and up to 30 seconds.  The emergency alarm system integrated into these lights serves as an immediate alert mechanism, capable of notifying nearby individuals in the area about a potential threat or criminal activity. The loud sound emitted by the alarm can startle and discourage criminals, drawing attention to the scene and increasing the chances of intervention or apprehension. The flashing lights feature further enhances the deterrent effect by creating a highly visible and attention-grabbing environment. Criminals are less likely to target well-lit areas with flashing lights, as they are more likely to be detected by others or captured on surveillance systems. The sudden bursts of light can cause confusion and disorientation, making it harder for criminals to carry out their activities discreetly.


In Tribal country, where law enforcement resources may be limited, solar streetlights with emergency alarm and flashing lights serve as an effective crime prevention tool. These features not only enhance the safety of tribal communities but also empower individuals to take immediate action in the event of an emergency or criminal activity. By deploying such advanced solar streetlights, Tribal areas can significantly reduce crime rates and create a more secure environment for residents and visitors alike. By installing solar streetlights, powered by renewable energy, we are not only addressing safety concerns but also addressing environmental sustainability.

Easy to install

The Defender Solar Light is easy to install and take down for any maintenance. 

The installation requires minimal disturbance to the land that surrounds it. The solar light's base uses a leverage system that easily allows the light pole to be laid down and set back up again during install and maintenance. These solar streetlights harvest sunlight during the daytime, convert it into electrical energy that is stored in a battery. At dusk (once sunlight is no longer available) the solar streetlight will begin it’s preset operating mode by turning on and running from the power that was stored during the day. This cycle will continue until the sun rises at dawn. 

  • Tried and tested to meet some of the harshest conditions on the planet

  • Offers an environmentally friendly, off-grid solution for outdoor lighting

  • Save on energy and installation costs

  • Illuminate any outdoor area without electricians or trenching costs

  • Engineered for simplicity in an easy to assemble kit form

Defender Solar Light
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